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Open source video conferencing solution OpenTalk now part of Telekom's open source collaboration offering

  • GDPR-compliant video conferencing via the Open Telekom Cloud


Berlin, September 12, 2023 - OpenTalk, the Berlin-based provider of secure video conferencing, is now making its eponymous video conferencing solution available as part of Telekom's open source collaboration offering. The offering is designed in particular to meet the needs of public administration, government agencies and municipalities in Germany and, in addition to OpenTalk, includes a range of cloud, collaboration and document management solutions based on open source.

OpenTalk is a solution for confidential videoconferencing that has been designed and developed from the ground up with a special focus on meeting the highest security and data protection requirements in a DSGVO-compliant manner. With its modern IT architecture and strict data separation, OpenTalk is particularly suitable for use in public administration.

In addition, OpenTalk offers a range of functions and moderation tools that meet the special requirements of video conferencing in this area, including audit-proof voting and meeting protocols. A modern and friendly design and simple operation also pick up non-tech-savvy users and are designed for barrier-free use.


A comprehensive, European alternative for public administration

OpenTalk is offered by Telekom via the Open Telekom Cloud as a managed service, with defined support levels up to 7x24. Provision via customer-owned data centers will also be possible. In addition, as a Telekom TechBoost partner, OpenTalk will develop further offerings to improve communication and collaboration in the area of public administration, which can then be obtained via the Open Telekom Cloud.

"We are very pleased about the close partnership with Telekom and the opportunity to make OpenTalk available on a large scale in the future, both via the Open Telekom Cloud and as a module offering and customer-side implementation," says Markus Michels, Managing Director of OpenTalk. "Public administration is subject to particularly high requirements in terms of security, data protection and compliance, which is why open source-based solutions are particularly well suited here, because unlike Microsoft Teams or Zoom, for example, their source code can be freely viewed and is therefore auditable. With its Open Source Collaborations offering, Telekom has therefore created a comprehensive, European - and thus DSGVO-compliant - alternative for collaboration and communication. And with OpenTalk, this package also includes a video conferencing solution that is ideal for authorities, municipalities and administrations."

OpenTalk is backed by the Linux specialists at Heinlein Support. The company is also the operator of the secure e-mail provider "mailbox.org", multiple test winner of Stiftung Warentest. With a team of around 25 developers, OpenTalk was completely redeveloped and thus has a new, secure, modern IT architecture. Among other things, OpenTalk is written in Rust, a programming language considered to be particularly secure, and the source code is published on OpenCoDE.de.


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