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Video conferencing,
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Modern programming languages, an international team, high efficiency, open source and software that is simply fun to use.


Rust is the modern programming language that connects our OpenTalk backend team. Fast, secure, efficient - perfect for responsive video conferencing with great scale-out. And our backend team thinks: Once you've programmed Rust, you won't want to switch to any other language so quickly.



Our frontend team relies on Typescript for optimal security and performance of our videoconferences, using the React framework in conjunction with the Redux JavaScript library. As a component library, the team use MaterialUI.


We don't experiment with our media stack either. It is based on the WebRTC standard. We currently still use Janus as our media server and use the gstreamer library for recording and integration with SIP and other communication services.

OpenTalk is open source

The code of OpenTalk is published under the EUPL (European Public License) on Open CoDE. We have chosen the EUPL because it is a modern licence that is specifically geared towards the European legal area, but also provides a good basis internationally.

Develop your own with our API!

Would you like to adapt your applications to OpenTalk and/or create something completely new based on OpenTalk? Great - we're happy about that! OpenTalk's API is open and well documented.

And if you have any questions, we're happy to help.

Would you like to participate?

Over the medium term, we are hoping to attract active collaboration from the open source community. There will be opportunities to develop extensions for OpenTalk, or perhaps do some work towards the integration with other solutions. Additional modules, plugins, patches, or style themes would all be very valuable contributions. However, managing community contributions and finding ways to integrate these with our internal development processes and roadmaps requires a structured approach that we have yet to define in full.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this community, don't hesitate to let us know: community@opentalk.eu or subscribe to our devel mailinglist.

OpenTalk Team

OpenTalk, Open Source and Open Minds.

We are currently looking for new colleagues who would like to work full time, e.g. as a Rust Developer, Frontend Developer or QA Manager.

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