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Optimizations in focus: OpenTalk 1.5.0 is available

OpenTalk Videokonferenz

Good news for all OpenTalk users: Version 1.5.0 is out and it comes packed with improvements! We haven't just polished the surface, but created real added value. Read on to find out exactly what awaits you, what new features will make working and communicating even easier, and which bugs are now a thing of the past.

New Features

1. Automatic Reconnect for Uninterrupted Meetings

  • No one likes disruptions during critical meetings. OpenTalk 1.5.0 introduces automatic reconnection, attempting to reconnect users every 5 seconds when their connection is lost. Say goodbye to frustrating interruptions and hello to seamless meetings.

2. Enhanced Display Name Control

  • Administrators now have better control over the displayed names of their organization's licensed users. Based on a configuration flag, they can now disable display name editing in the frontend. This feature allows you to maintain a consistent naming convention for your organization when video conferencing with OpenTalk.

3. Simplified Link Sharing

  • Sharing meeting links is now easier than ever! You can now copy the meeting link and the guest link directly from the 3-dot menu of your meeting overview and invite more guests more quickly.

4. Streamlined Screen Sharing

  • OpenTalk now automatically switches to speaker view and freezes the shared screen as soon as someone shares a screen. This makes it easier for all users to better follow presentations and the general flow of the conference.

5. Improved Event Management

  • Good news for all event organizers: With OpenTalk 1.5.0, you can now uninvite participants from events at a later date. This gives you full control over your events and guest lists at all times.


User Experience Improvements

1. Video Quality Overhaul

  • We have technically revised our video quality management system. OpenTalk is now more powerful and stable in meetings.

2. Advanced Voice Detection

  • We have integrated a new speech recognition algorithm. Now we can more precisely identify who is speaking, so the speaker signal is much more accurate. The result? More dynamic and interactive meetings for you.

3. Enhanced Accessibility

  • We've added descriptive names to toolbar buttons, improved dropdown list styling, and optimized sidebar tabs for accessibility, aligning OpenTalk with WCAG guidelines.

4. Streamlined Timer and Coffee Break Components

  • The timer and coffee break functions have been revised and optimized once again. This will make your meetings more efficient and enjoyable.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts for microphone

  • Participants can now control the microphone with keyboard shortcuts. This makes it easier to use and your discussions run more smoothly.

6. Safari Compatibility Warning

  • Users accessing OpenTalk via Safari now receive a notice about possible compatibility issues. This enables a timely switch to a compatible browser and ensures a trouble-free conference.


Bug Fixes

OpenTalk 1.5.0 also addresses several bugs to ensure a more reliable platform. Here are some of the key bug fixes:

  • Automatic media reconnection when the 'connectionState' fails.
  • Correctly displaying the participants' timer state in the moderators' timer tab.
  • Generating guest links in the dashboard.
  • Displaying future meetings in the correct tabs.
  • Proper functionality for setting default avatar images.
  • Removing unnecessary spaces from URLs.
  • Improved error handling when updating display names in the dashboard.
  • Addressing unhandled update messages related to shared folders.
  • Resolving notification issues with broken breakout rooms.
  • Fixing issues with redirects to the dashboard.
  • Correcting hotkeys that were not functioning as expected.
  • Ensuring accurate timer countdown for moderators.
  • Updating English translations for better clarity.



That's it. After the release is before the release. ;-) We look forward to your feedback on the new and improved features and are always happy to answer any questions or suggestions you may have. 

Thank you for your support and trust in OpenTalk. We now wish you successful and inspiring meetings with OpenTalk 1.5.0!


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