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05.12.2023 – News

OpenTalk: Free online meetings for organizations in Germany

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We are pleased to announce that OpenTalk is providing its video conferencing solution to German nonprofit organizations with up to 100 members free of charge. Our goal is to offer user-friendly, secure, and GDPR-compliant online meetings to nonprofit organizations with limited budgets and IT resources, allowing them to become independent of international providers.

OpenTalk is a newly developed solution for confidential and GDPR-compliant video conferences that can be used directly in a web browser. The online platform is exclusively hosted in German data centers and powered by green energy.

In addition, OpenTalk offers a wide range of features tailored to the needs of organizations. This includes tools for conference planning and participant management, the ability to host multi-moderator meetings, create breakout rooms, manage automatic speaker lists, conduct tamper-proof voting, surveys, and session logs. OpenTalk's modern and user-friendly design makes it accessible even to users with limited technical expertise and is designed for barrier-free use.

Digital Sovereignty for Nonprofit Organizations

Nearly 20 volunteer and nonprofit organizations have already taken advantage of OpenTalk's free offering, including the FrauenGesundheitsZentrum e.V., the German BioImaging - Gesellschaft fĂźr Mikroskope und Bildanalyse e.V. and the CISV Darmstadt e.V. - Building global friendship. Many more organizations have expressed their interest, which delights us.

From our perspective, nonprofit organizations in Germany play a crucial role in various fields, from providing leisure activities for young people and supporting self-help groups and citizen initiatives to contributing to research and development. OpenTalk is eager to contribute to these endeavors and fulfill its societal responsibility as a company. We are delighted to be able to provide our video conferencing solution free of charge to support this valuable work.

Get in Touch with OpenTalk

Nonprofit organizations interested in utilizing this offer can contact OpenTalk directly, providing proof of their nonprofit status. They can then use the OpenTalk online service for various organizational activities, including internal communication, member meetings, or communication with stakeholders interested in the organization's work. The platform allows for the invitation of guests without the need for special technical setups or local software installations. The secure use of the service is straightforward and accessible via a web browser.



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