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OpenTalk: The new video conferencing solution from Heinlein Academy

Foto der Heinlein Akademie

At the German Heinlein Academy, experienced Linux professionals teach several hundred IT administrators each year in online and classroom training courses on topics such as server administration, databases, monitoring, Kubernetes, automation and the operation of email servers. For the 2nd training semester that has just begun, the academy is now switching to OpenTalk as a video conferencing solution for its online training courses, replacing Zoom.

Both instructors and participants in the training courses are true Linux experts and are therefore pleased to be able to switch to a powerful open source videoconferencing solution. The Academy is using the OpenTalk Cloud service, which has been available since summer this year and is operated by the Heinlein hosting team in its own Berlin data centers in compliance with DSGVO.

Learn better thanks to helpful features

Instructors and participants can now look forward to a variety of helpful features. In addition to standard functions such as chat or screen sharing, OpenTalk has a coffee break timer, a whiteboard for effective collaboration, breakout rooms for exchanges in small groups, the ability to request to speak, polls and voting, and many other extras. So training and focused collaborative work are no problem, even online.

Since OpenTalk supports the popular and current browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, as well as other Chromium-based browsers, training participants do not need to install their own apps. This is an advantage especially in the public sector and with restrictive IT departments.


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