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OpenTalk 24.4.1 launched for our cloud service


Version 24.4.1 of OpenTalk is now available to all customers of our cloud service, which brings new features and a number of optimizations.

New function - "Join conference" in dashboard

Are you taking part in an OpenTalk meeting and want to join quickly? In your dashboard, i.e. the conference administration, you will now find a new button "Join conference" which you can use to go and join an ongoing meeting directly.


Optimization of user-experience

1. Burger-Menu

  • For better usability, you will now find a burger menu in the top right-hand corner. This is not only a central collection point for any functions, but also provides a good overview.

2. Keyboard navigation

  • In the course of accessibility, it is possible to switch the additional keyboard navigation, so-called shortcuts, on or off. This helps people who use screen readers in particular to gain full control over the usability of OpenTalk.

3. Moderation rights

  • The roles and rights system for moderators has been optimized so that room owners have improved room control over co-moderators. For example, moderation rights can no longer be withdrawn by the co-moderator.

4. Contrast of icon buttons

  • To ensure that we achieve our goal of accessibility, we have increased the contrasts for icon buttons and controls on OpenTalk, making the elements easier to recognize.

6. Break-out rooms

  • Changes do not stop at break-out rooms: In order to increase usability and user-friendliness, we have made the break-out rooms even more screen-reader-ready. Headings for the conference have been optimized and information text dialogues have been adapted, whether on mobile devices or desktop.

7. Pop-up window to end a call

  • Better user experience is the magic word here: optimized wording and an adapted selection of options in the dialogue window create clear and comprehensible ways for moderators to leave a web conference safely and quickly.

8. Bug reports

  • Oops! An error has occurred, who hasn't experienced this? This doesn't just happen automatically if OpenTalk has a "hiccup". No, in OpenTalk you now have the option of reporting errors yourself as quickly as possible and at the touch of a button if you wish.

9. Switch in the form to create meetings

  • We have revisited the design for meeting creation options in the dashboard: clear, understandable statements and a space-saving mobile version. There's no easier way to create a meeting.

10. Points of orientation in the conference

  • The structure of the orientation points in the conference has been optimized for better use of screen readers.


We have fixed these bugs

OpenTalk 24.1.1 not only offers new and improved functions, but also fixes bugs that have occurred:

  • The chat no longer outputs characters twice.
  • The selection of write permissions for the log is now possible again without interference.
  • If participants have raised their hands in video conferences, they are now displayed again in the order in which they raised their hands.
  • The notification for language switching in the dashboard is displayed in the correct language again.
  • Calendars now display the day names correctly.


You can find an overview of all functions and bug fixes in our release notes


We wish you successful meetings with OpenTalk!

Would you like more information about the features of OpenTalk? You can find an overview here.

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