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22.02.2022 – Events

Chemnitz Linux Days, March 12-13, 2022

Under the theme "Fully distributed", system administrators, programmers, open source enthusiastic hobby admins and also private users will meet again on March 12-13, 2022 at the Chemnitz Linux Days to exchange experiences and update their knowledge. This year's lecture program is once again packed with 80 lectures and nine workshops.

For our colleagues from Heinlein Support and mailbox.org, the CLT has been a fixed date in their calendars for years and this time, OpenTalk joins them and is happy to support the CLT as a sponsor.

Our presentations

Digitally sovereign videoconferencing with OpenTalk, Peer Heinlein, Sunday, 11:00

For two years, we have been running video conferences for providers like mailbox.org, or the city of Berlin. A wealth of experience regarding performance, tuning, features, technical f*ck-*ps and user acceptance has been gained. At the same time, it became clear that not every video conference is a sales meeting. School lessons, but also political debates have requirements that are entirely different from those of a business meeting.

The digitally sovereign video conferencing solution OpenTalk is open source, written in the programming language RUST, which is modern and secure, and based on an architecture developed from scratch in 2021, promoting scale-out, security, data encryption, data protection. At the same time, OpenTalk has a whole range of new and innovative features that offer exciting opportunities, especially for use by providers, (learning) platforms, but also federal states, local and federal government authorities, or schools. Where Jitsi and BBB reach their limits, OpenTalk really gets going.

That is video conferencing thoroughly thought through - we present the background and vision of OpenTalk. Audience participation welcome.

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Videoconferencing technical deep dive, Dennis Kalbhen, Rudolf Floren, Stefan Sydow, Sunday, 12:00

The operation as well as the programming of video conferences knows many pitfalls. Bandwidth, latency, (in)compatibilities, codecs, network issues, NAT problems, 10K bottle-neck limitations, encryption problems, SIP/telephone gateways, WLAN, packet loss, weak CPUs ... And at the latest when more than two dozen subscribers want to join, "scale out" on the desktop client is once again a topic in its own right.

From two years of productive operation and our development work for OpenTalk, a whole bouquet of technical knowledge has grown. This talk offers a technical "deep dive" behind the scenes and technology of video conferencing for everyone who is interested in the technology, who develops with and for video conferencing - or who is thinking about developing video conferencing in the future.

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Meet us at the virtual booth

Do you have questions about OpenTalk, or would you like to contribute to its development? We will be happy to have a chat with you at our joint virtual booth for Heinlein Support / mailbox.org / OpenTalk. We look forward to meeting you and receiving your feedback.

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