Flexibility and independence for your video conferences.
Secure video conferencing for those who want to remain digitally confident.
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Video conferencing reinvented

Digitally sovereign

For everyone who values digital sovereignty, productivity, and data protection.

Video conferences can be so much more than just videos and sound. They can be fun and productive when participants get motivated and moderators are supported by useful features, so that everyone feels comfortable in their role. Sophisticated and user-friendly features such as meetings that can be run by multiple hosts, an automated speaker line-up, audit-proof voting, breakout rooms, sub-room meetings, and a dashboard for conference scheduling all ensure that your digital collaboration works as effectively as it should.


Features that promote collaboration and are fun to use

True added value

Group rooms (Break-out)

Group rooms can be created randomly, by number of moderators, or by group affiliation of the participants. Moderators can enter or leave those rooms at any time.

Sub-conferences (sub-room meetings)

Would you like to discuss something privately with another participant while the conference is ongoing? Open a sub-room to chat in confidence and keep following the main event at the same time.

Meetings with multiple hosts/moderators

The use of more than one moderator makes it possible to conduct conferences more efficiently in parallel, as several moderators can divide the work between them. When a conference has finished, moderators can remain in the meeting for off-boarding.

Audit-proof voting mechanism

Effective resolutions, not just talk: OpenTalk offers an auditproof mechanism for conducting open and secret votes and will reliably document the results.

High scalability

Need to serve a million participants? Not a problem. OpenTalk’s container architecture ensures stable platform operation and so, reliability and scalability for providers.


Get everything you need from a single source: Thanks to open APIs, OpenTalk can be integrated with calendars in Microsoft Outlook® or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Open interfaces and SSO

Our APIs give access to all functionality. Appearance, behaviour and features can be controlled separately. Singlesign- on (SSO) via Keycloak facilitates the seamless integration into your own systems.

Data protection and confidentiality

The GDPR, confidentiality, and secrecy protection are in our DNA. Our well-designed architecture ensures data separation, client suitability and transparent security mechanisms.

OpenTalk is best for...

Public Administration and Politics

OpenTalk offers true digital sovereignty for political organisations and public authorities on the local and federal level. Developed out of projects for the states of Berlin and Thuringia, OpenTalk works well for politics. OpenTalk also offers what the public sector needs: Moderation, invite management, high security standards, local operation, audit-proof voting, agendas, and minutes.

Businesses and NGOs

With OpenTalk, users remain independent and in control of their data. Operational as an on-premises solution or via SaaS from our data centres, OpenTalk structures cross-company communication in your own look & feel, even for heterogeneous user groups, and in compliance with data protection laws. Smart features such as speech timers, automatic moderation, timed breaks, and a useful invite management interface increase productivity and efficiency.

Schools and Universities

Smart moderation tools, automatic moderation, polling, and group rooms are features that support
teachers in conducting their lessons in an entertaining and creative way. Gamification features are
interesting and promote excitement and focus across all age groups. Intuitive usability will appeal to all users, even if they are not very technically-minded. This makes teaching and learning easy for all involved.

Providers and platforms

A well-designed technology stack offers maximum scalability, and useful administration and monitoring features. With open APIs, OpenTalk integrates seamlessly with existing service platforms. A great range of functionality, user management, and flexible billing models provide true added value and USPs that make OpenTalk stand out from other solutions.

Peer Heinlein, CEO of OpenTalk

Good digital communication must be independent, confidential and well thought out. And that is exactly how we designed OpenTalk: as a secure alternative to established video conferencing solutions, for true data autonomy.”

What makes OpenTalk different

30 years of experience

The people behind OpenTalk are the competent team of the Heinlein Group, who also run the e-mail provider mailbox.org and look back at 30 years of experience in the design and operation of secure electronic communication. OpenTalk has been developed from the ground up as open source software with a modern IT architecture. Modern, stable, user-friendly, and secure.

On-premise or SaaS

OpenTalk adapts flexibly to your needs and can be run as a stand-alone solution or also integrated as a component into an existing platform, thanks to its open interfaces. OpenTalk can be operated either within your own infrastructure (on-prem) or accessed on our servers in Germany (SaaS). OpenTalk fully implements the requirements of secrecy protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Your request will be processed by us or our distribution partners as soon as possible. We have carefully selected our sales partners and concluded an GDPR-compliant CDP agreement with them to ensure the security of your data. You can find our data protection notice here.

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