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OpenTalk on the way to CC-EAL4 certification from German Federal Office for Information Security

Sicherheit Videokonferenzen bei KI-Analyse

At OpenTalk, security and privacy take top priority. That's why we've made the decision to undergo the rigorous certification process for CC-EAL4 by the German BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) for our OpenTalk Secure Server. This positions us as a digitally sovereign video conferencing solution recommended for use in security-sensitive areas for businesses and public sector organizations.

CC-EAL4 Certification: A Milestone for Security

CC-EAL (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) certification in accordance with ISO 15408 defines clear requirements for IT security assessments. The higher the EAL level, the more comprehensive the requirements for scope, depth, and methods of testing. A CC-EAL4 certification is already exceptionally demanding and thorough.

As part of this certification process, an independent testing laboratory will not only scrutinize our source code but also assess the development environment of the OpenTalk Secure Server for potential vulnerabilities. This guarantees the trustworthiness and high quality of our source code and security features for the deployment of our video conferencing solution in sensitive areas.

"Made in Germany" – Trusted and Secure Communication

Our founder and CEO, Peer Heinlein, emphasizes the significance of certification in the current press release: "With CC-EAL4 certification, the OpenTalk Secure Server would be the only open-source video conferencing solution at such a high level of security. This means verified security 'Made in Germany' for trusted and protected communication for businesses and government agencies. US cloud providers with closed source code and without CC-EAL4 cannot offer this."

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

OpenTalk was built from the ground up to meet the highest standards of security and GDPR-compliant data protection. The certification process we've initiated underscores this commitment and has not been undertaken by any other open-source solution to date. Thanks to our modern container-based IT architecture and strict data separation, OpenTalk is the ideal solution for use in politics, administration, universities, schools, and businesses.

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