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OpenTalk: Updates and optimization


We are pleased to introduce version 1.7.1 to all users of the OpenTalk Cloud service, which is available as of today! Find out below what exciting new features, optimizations and bug fixes the latest version offers.

New features

1. Mobile view

  • We have optimized the mobile view for better usability. You get a better overview of the functions and optimized notifications on smaller devices.

2. Granting moderator rights via the dashboard

  • Determine moderator roles for a meeting in advance? Nothing could be easier! Administrators now have the option of assigning moderator rights to certain participants in the dashboard while they are creating a meeting and inviting people. You are also welcome to appoint additional moderators during an ongoing meeting.

3. Quick start guide in OpenTalk

  • Good news: A quick start guide explains all the basic functions of the OpenTalk lobby and conference. This also makes it easier for people who are using OpenTalk for the first time.

Optimization of the user experience

1. Revision of the date/time selection

  • We have improved the UX/UI in the date/time selection of your meetings for desktop and mobile devices. This allows you to customize the appointment even better in the dashboard.

2.Meeting titles in the lobby and waiting room

  • By displaying the meeting title in the lobby and waiting room, participants receive further information about the meeting and can better prepare for upcoming appointments.

3. Automatic completion of the invite list

  • We have added an auto-complete of possible participants in the dashboard and improved the style of the participant lists for moderators to get a better overview of all invited participants.

4. Revision of the list of participants

  • We have improved the UX/UI of the participant list, making your dashboard management more efficient and enjoyable.

5. Appearance of participants in the waiting room list

  • We have optimized the appearance of participants in the waiting list for moderators so that it is even clearer when there are still participants in the waiting room.

Bug fixes

OpenTalk 1.7.1 not only offers new and improved functions, but also makes the platform more robust. Below you will find an overview of the most important bug fixes:

  • Fixed a logic error in the reservation logic that could lead to "black" videos. 
  • Notification of the correction password does not disappear.
  • Improved notification on smaller mobile devices.
  • Removal of hard-coded default values for the survey function.
  • Fixed a problem with notifications in personal full screen mode.
  • Correction of pop-overs in full screen mode for the three-point menu and the hang-up confirmation.
  • Improved push-to-talk functionality for all participants.
  • Sending e-mails when you have been removed from a meeting as a participant.
  • Add deletion notice for ad hoc meetings in emails.


New release process at OpenTalk

At the start of 2024, we have reset our product version numbering to bring it in line with the respective calendar year. The first version under this new system will be 24.1.0. We have also switched our release process to shorter cycles and implemented new internal quality assurance processes.

To create more transparency, we have also automated the generation of our release notes and now make them available to you in the OpenTalk release documentation. This means that administrators who run OpenTalk On-Premise themselves can always find out about changes and new functions.

We wish you successful meetings with OpenTalk 1.7.1!

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