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OpenTalk: The GDPR-compliant video conferencing solution now available in the Open Telekom Cloud

Open Source-Videokonferenzlösung OpenTalk

To improve collaboration and conduct secure, efficient, and GDPR-compliant video conferences, German government agencies now have a new option. Telekom has announced a new Open Source Collaboration offering in their latest press release. OpenTalk, part of this package, is designed with a focus on data protection and security. Available immediately as a Managed Service through the Open Telekom Cloud, this marks an exciting new partnership and a broad availability of OpenTalk for public administration.

Why OpenTalk for Public Administration?

OpenTalk is more than just another video conferencing solution. Designed with a special focus on data protection and security, OpenTalk offers a completely reimagined solution ideally suited for public administration. With its modern IT architecture and strict data segregation, OpenTalk meets the highest standards of data protection and security, fully compliant with the GDPR.

In the public sector, data protection is not just a buzzword; it's a central requirement. OpenTalk provides specialized features and moderation tools specifically developed for such demanding scenarios. This includes features like secure voting and the capability to maintain session records. Don't worry: thanks to its user-friendly design and simple operation, OpenTalk is also accessible to users who are not tech-savvy.

Flexibility and Support

OpenTalk is offered as a Managed Service through the Open Telekom Cloud, providing defined support levels up to 24/7. For those who prefer complete control over their data, implementation in their own data centers is also an option.

A European Alternative

"The public administration has special requirements when it comes to security, data protection, and compliance," says Markus Michels, CEO of OpenTalk. "Unlike commercial alternatives like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, OpenTalk's source code is openly viewable and thus auditable. With Telekom's Open Source Collaboration offering, a comprehensive European—and therefore GDPR-compliant—alternative for collaboration and communication has been created. OpenTalk is an ideal video conferencing solution included in this package for agencies, municipalities, and administrations."


If you're looking for a reliable, secure, and user-friendly video conferencing solution that complies with European data protection regulations and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape, then OpenTalk is likely the right choice for you.

We are excited about the new possibilities that will open up through the partnership between OpenTalk and Telekom!


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