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New features released: Whiteboard, Meeting notes, Coffee Break Timer and Moderator Tools

Work together on a whiteboard

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to our OpenTalk video conferencing solution. They are aimed at providing you with a more immersive and efficient online meeting experience when using OpenTalk. Aside from including several new features, including a built-in whiteboard, a meeting notes tool, and a coffee break timer, OpenTalk's performance is now better than ever. Find out all that OpenTalk 1.2 has to offer.

Collaborative Whiteboard

One of the most significant additions to our platform is the whiteboard feature. With our new collaborative whiteboard, you can create drawings and diagrams in a collaborative way. You can also easily select, delete, move, and scale individual objects by drag and drop. This feature is particularly useful for brainstorming sessions, visual aids, and collaborative presentations. Moderators can activate the whiteboard from the toolbar and make it available to participants, who can then contribute their ideas and feedback. Once you have created your layout, you can export it as a PDF file with just one click, and share it with all attendees.

Meeting Notes

Another valuable addition to our platform is the protocol tool. With the new protocol feature, moderators can start a document for their meeting. This web-based collaborative text editor enables multiple participants to work on the same document simultaneously, with changes displayed in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for taking notes, recording action items, and tracking decisions made during the meeting. The resulting file can also be exported as a PDF and shared with all participants.

Coffee Breaks

We also understand the importance of taking breaks during long meetings, and that's why we have added a coffee break timer to our platform. Moderators can now create a customized pause for all attendees with just a few clicks, and a timer will count down the time for a relaxed coffee or tea break. This feature helps to create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during your online meetings, and encourages attendees to take a moment to recharge and refresh.

Moderator Tools

We have also added a small but important bundle of features that allow moderators to control meetings and keep discussions more efficiently. These include the 'Mute all' and the 'Hands down' function. They allow moderators to mute all or selected participants as well as taking raised hands down collectively. This saves the moderator time, streamlines processes and increases productivity.


These new features are just a few of the many improvements we've made to our conference platform. We are pleased to be able to provide you with tools that will help you to conduct team meetings effectively and in a structured manner online as well. We welcome your feedback and also new ideas and suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact us at: mail@opentalk.eu.

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