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MDR: Secure data exchange in public authorities with OpenTalk

OpenTalk Einwahl zur Videokonferenz

The MDR Thüringen Journal reports on the use of our GDPR-compliant video conferencing solution OpenTalk in the administration and municipalities in the Free State of Thuringia.

In the interview, Dr. Hartmut Schubert, CIO of the Free State of Thuringia, explains that at the beginning of the pandemic, public administration also relied more heavily on digital applications such as video conferencing. Quick solutions had to be found, even if the use of tools from international companies was not compatible with the GDPR. And it still isn't today.

To solve this data protection problem, Thuringia was looking for a tool for online meetings that complies with data protection regulations and works just as well and conveniently as the familiar solutions. In OpenTalk, a partner was found that has developed a modern, secure and scalable video conferencing solution that can meet the special needs of the administration. This includes functions such as audit-proof voting.

In addition, OpenTalk can be operated by federal states, such as the Free State of Thuringia, in their own data centers and thus in a digitally sovereign manner. This is particularly important when it comes to sensitive data and confidentiality, adds OpenTalk Managing Director Peer Heinlein in an interview with MDR.

Cities such as Meinigen, Suhl and Erfurt are already using OpenTalk. Further potential applications are conceivable in the future. For example, the video conferencing solution could be used in citizen services or court proceedings in the future.


You can watch the complete report of the MDR Thüringen Journal here:  https://www.mdr.de/video/mdr-videos/f/video-817272.html

Further information on OpenTalk in the public sector can be found here:  https://opentalk.eu/en/public-sector

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