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innovaphone CONNECT 2024 with OpenTalk

OpenTalk // innovaphone CONNECT 2024

Meet OpenTalk on June 13 at the innovaphone CONNECT in Sindelfingen. The motto of this year's trade fair is "Explore the Productive Way of Working".

Visitors can expect the presentation of new features and enhancements to innovaphone's myApps ecosystem as well as interesting workshops and specialist presentations.

Visit our stand and find out more about OpenTalk. We offer secure video conferencing for everyone who values productivity, digital sovereignty and data protection. We look forward to exciting discussions on site!


Further information on innovaphone CONNECT 2024 can be found at: https://www.innovaphone.com/de/services/innovaphone-connect-2024.html

Further information on OpenTalk can be found here: https://opentalk.eu/en/product 

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