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OpenTalk Screen - Konferenz beitreten

Say hello to yourself.

Try the OpenTalk experience from a participant or moderator perspective.

Welcome to the OpenTalk Live-Demo

Please note: You are about to use the latest Developer-Version ("nightly build"), this is not a quality tested Release.

Access the participant demo room

1. Select room

There are five demo rooms available. You can use any room as a guest.

2. Enter name

Enter your name or a pseudonym. A password is not required.

3. Join now

You can test the camera and microphone in advance. Click "Enter now" to enter the video room.

Access the moderator demo room

1. Log in to the dashboard

Three moderator logins are available to test the administration interface:

  • User: moderator1 / Password: moderator
  • User: moderator2 / Password: moderator
  • User: moderator3 / Password: moderator

2. Start a meeting

You can go ahead and start a demo meeting right away or inspect the interface in a bit more detail before you do. (Note that the Help section currently still refers to our colleagues at mailbox.org, where OpenTalk is already integrated in their service.)

3. Join a meeting

Log in to a demo meeting using your name or a pseudonym. A password is not required for the demo. Find the special features available to moderators on the left-hand side of the page.