Open Source Community

Video conferencing,
done right.

Modern software development standards, an international team, high efficiency, open source, and an interface that is fun to use.

OpenTalk is open source

OpenTalk is open source software and almost entirely covered by the AGPLv3. Our plan for the medium term is to release OpenTalk for the community on GitHub in winter 2022.

We encourage community development of further contributions and improvements and will provide a modular structure within which community extensions to OpenTalk can be developed. If you are interested in becoming a part of this community, don't hesitate to let us know:

Rust, React & Redux

Rust is a modern programming language that we use to interconnect our OpenTalk backend team. Fast, secure, and efficient - ideal for the development of a snappy video conferencing solution with massive scale-out. Our backend team members love working with Rust and will never go back to anything less capable.

Our frontend uses JavaScript/React and Redux, focused on security and performance.

OpenTalk is hiring!

Many developers love Rust and OpenTalk is hiring! At OpenTalk, we are looking for people who would like to work as full-time Rust developers, Frontend developers or Product manager.

Are you passionate about data protection, free and secure communication over the Internet, and the idea of digital sovereignty? Then get in touch!